Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2,176

Chapter 81 Section 2,176


Beekeeping; inspection certificate; unlawful use; penalty.

If it is found that any certificate issued or approved by the department (1) is being used in connection with bees, queen bees, or used bee equipment (a) which have not been inspected, (b) which are infected with any infectious or contagious disease, parasite, or pest, or (c) which are being sold or delivered without the prescribed treatment being observed or other precautionary measures prescribed by the department taken by the owner or (2) is being used by persons other than the one to whom it was issued without the permission of the department, the department may revoke or withdraw such certificate. The use of such certificate issued by the department after it has been revoked and before such revocation has been withdrawn by the department shall be unlawful and shall subject the holder thereof to the penalty prescribed for a violation of the Nebraska Apiary Act. Revocation or withdrawal of approval shall be through written notice to the holder of the certificate.


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