Nebraska Revised Statute 81-182

Chapter 81


Governor monitor activities of task force and agencies; authorize issuance of warrants.

The Governor, using such staff assistance as he or she may desire, shall monitor the activities of the task force and the agencies. To assure adequate accomplishment of the terms of each allocation, the Governor shall assure that expert inspection of projects is made by a competent inspector from either his or her staff, the task force, or the agency. For the purpose of making partial payments as the work progresses, the Governor may authorize the issuance of warrants from the Building Renewal Allocation Fund, State Building Renewal Assessment Fund, University Building Renewal Assessment Fund, and State College Building Renewal Assessment Fund upon certificates of the inspector in charge showing the amount of work completed and materials necessarily purchased and delivered for the orderly and proper continuance of the project in a sum not exceeding ninety-five percent of the cost thereof. Upon the certificate of the inspector that the project has been completed and the terms of the allocation have been complied with, the Governor shall authorize the issuance of a warrant for the balance due the contractor.


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