Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1814

Chapter 81


Compensation; committee; formulate standards for uniform application.

For the purpose of determining the amount of compensation payable under the Nebraska Crime Victim's Reparations Act, the committee shall formulate standards for uniform application of the act and take into consideration rates and amounts of compensation payable for injuries and death under other laws of this state and of the United States and the availability of funds appropriated for the purposes of the act. Victims of crimes subject to federal jurisdiction shall be awarded compensation on the same basis as victims of all other compensable crimes.


  • Discretion of board to eliminate an award to dependent children of victim regarding the availability of funds appropriated must be supported by record. Lambert v. Nebraska Cr. Vict. Rep. Bd., 214 Neb. 817, 336 N.W.2d 320 (1983).