Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1607

Chapter 81


Director of Environment and Energy; comprehensive report; contents.

(1) On or before February 15 of each year, the Director of Environment and Energy shall transmit to the Governor and the Clerk of the Legislature a comprehensive report designed to identify emerging trends related to energy supply, demand, and conservation and to specify the level of statewide energy need within the following sectors: Agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial, transportation, utilities, government, and any other sector that the director determines to be useful. The report submitted to the Clerk of the Legislature shall be submitted electronically.

(2) The report shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) An assessment of the state's energy resources, including examination of the current energy supplies and any feasible alternative sources;

(b) The estimated reduction in annual energy consumption resulting from various energy conservation measures;

(c) The status of the ongoing studies of the Department of Environment and Energy pursuant to subdivisions (35) through (58) of section 81-1504;

(d) Recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature for administrative and legislative actions to accomplish the purposes of this section and section 81-1606; and

(e) The use of funds disbursed during the previous year under sections 81-1635 to 81-1641. The use of such funds shall be reported each year until the funds are completely disbursed and all contractual obligations have expired or otherwise terminated.