Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1382

Chapter 81 Section 1382


Unresolved issues; final offers; prehearing conference; commission; authority.

(1) No later than January 10, the parties in labor contract negotiations shall reduce to writing and sign all agreed-upon issues and exchange final offers on each unresolved issue. Final offers may not be amended or modified without the concurrence of the other party.

(2) No later than January 15, the parties in labor contract negotiations shall submit all unresolved issues that resulted in impasse to the commission. No party shall submit an issue to the commission that was not subject to negotiations. The commission shall conduct a prehearing conference and shall have the authority to:

(a) Determine whether the issues are ready for adjudication;

(b) Accept stipulations;

(c) Schedule hearings;

(d) Prescribe rules of conduct for the hearings;

(e) Order additional mediation if necessary; and

(f) Take any other actions which may aid in the disposal of the action.

The commission may consult with the parties ex parte only with the concurrence of both parties.



  • The January 10 deadline provided in this section is not jurisdictional. State v. State Code Agencies Teachers Assn., 280 Neb. 459, 788 N.W.2d 238 (2010).