Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1368

Chapter 81


Agency plan; reviewed; noncompliance; effect; report.

Each agency plan shall be reviewed by the office and approved or disapproved after submission. In every case when noncompliance is indicated, efforts shall be made to secure compliance through a corrective action plan. A specific commitment shall be put forth in writing. The commitment shall indicate the precise action to be taken and dates for completion. The time period allowed shall be no longer than thirty calendar days to effect the desired change. If an agency's plan does not comply with the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the office or if the agency's goals and timetables are not being met, the office shall meet with the director of the agency to discuss the deficiencies. Agency directors shall take responsibility for all noncompliance within their particular agency. In all cases when such corrective action plan does not resolve the noncompliance, the office shall report such noncompliance to the Governor. Such report shall be in writing and shall be made available to the news media at the same time that it is submitted to the Governor. The Governor shall take appropriate action to resolve the noncompliance elements and issues which were cited by the office.