Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1281

Chapter 81 Section 1281


Comprehensive housing affordability strategy; established; contents; advisory committee; powers and duties.

(1) The Department of Economic Development shall establish a comprehensive housing affordability strategy. The strategy shall identify needs, consider issues, and make recommendations regarding housing affordability, housing availability, housing accessibility, and housing quality in Nebraska. The department shall submit the strategy to the Governor and the Clerk of the Legislature by October 1, 1991.

(2) The department shall establish a housing advisory committee consisting of individuals and representatives of groups involved with housing issues in Nebraska to assist with the establishment of the strategy. The department shall work with the Governor's Policy Research Office, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Banking and Finance, the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, and any other public or private agency involved in addressing housing needs in Nebraska.

(3) The strategy shall:

(a) Describe the state's estimated housing needs for the ensuing five-year period and the need for assistance for different types of tenure and for different categories of residents such as very-low-income, low-income, and moderate-income persons, the elderly, single persons, large families, residents of nonmetropolitan areas, and other categories determined to be appropriate by the committee;

(b) Describe the nature and extent of homelessness in the state, providing an estimate of the special needs of various categories of persons who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and a description of the strategy for (i) helping low-income families avoid homelessness, (ii) addressing the emergency shelter and transitional housing needs of the homeless, including an inventory of facilities and services that meet such needs in Nebraska, and (iii) helping homeless persons make the transition to permanent housing;

(c) Describe significant characteristics of the housing market;

(d) Explain whether the cost of housing or the incentives to develop, maintain, or improve affordable housing in Nebraska are affected by public policies, including tax policies affecting land and other property, land-use controls, zoning ordinances, building codes, fees and charges, growth limits, and policies that affect the return on residential investment;

(e) Explain the institutional structure, including private industry, nonprofit organizations, and public institutions through which the state will carry out the strategy, assessing the strengths and gaps and describing what will be done to overcome any gaps;

(f) Describe the means of coordination and cooperation among the units of state and local government in the development and implementation of the strategy;

(g) Establish standards and procedures for monitoring housing activities undertaken because of the strategy; and

(h) Include any other information on housing in Nebraska deemed relevant by the Department of Economic Development or the committee.