Nebraska Revised Statute 81-125

Chapter 81 Section 125


State budget; submission to Legislature by Governor; when; contents.

The Governor shall on or before January 15 of each odd-numbered year present to the Legislature a complete budget for all the activities of the state receiving appropriations or requesting appropriations, except that the Governor during his or her first year in office shall present such budget to the Legislature on or before February 1. Such budget shall be a tentative work program for the coming biennium, shall contain a full and itemized report of the expenditures from appropriations made by the previous Legislature and the items which the Governor deems worthy of consideration for the coming biennium, for the respective departments, offices, and institutions, and for all other purposes, and shall contain the estimated revenue from taxation, the estimated revenue from sources other than taxation, an estimate of the amount required to be raised by taxation and the sales and income tax rates necessary to raise such amount, the revenue foregone by operation of laws in effect at the time of such report granting tax expenditures and reduced tax liabilities as identified in the report required by section 77-5731, and recommendations as to deficiency funding requirements pursuant to section 81-126. The summary of the tax expenditure report prepared pursuant to subsection (1) of section 77-385 and a summary of the report required by section 77-5731 shall be included with or appended to the budget presented to the Legislature. The Governor may make recommendations whether to continue or eliminate, in whole or in part, each tax expenditure and incentive program or to limit the duration of particular tax expenditures and incentives to a fixed number of years and shall include his or her reasoning for each recommendation, if any. The recommendations shall be transmitted to the Revenue Committee of the Legislature at the same time the Governor submits a budget as required in this section. The budget as transmitted to the Legislature shall show the estimated requirements for each activity of the state as prepared by the Department of Administrative Services and the final recommendation of the Governor. The budget shall comprise the complete report to the Legislature of all appropriations made for the current biennium and expenditures therefrom by all agencies receiving appropriations, and the report of expenditures contained in the budget shall be in lieu of all other biennial or other financial reports required by statute to the Legislature by expending agencies of appropriations and expenditures for their own activities except the biennial report of the State Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services.


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Cross References

  • Constitutional provisions:
  • Budget bill, see Article IV, section 7, Constitution of Nebraska.