Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1233

Chapter 81 Section 1233


Report to Legislature and Governor; contents; confidential.

(1) As part of the department's annual status report required under section 81-1201.11, the department shall submit a report to the Legislature and the Governor that includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

(a) The number and geographical location of nonprofit development organizations establishing workforce housing investment funds;

(b) The number, amount, and type of workforce housing investment funds invested in qualified activities; and

(c) The number, geographical location, type, and amount of investments made by each nonprofit development organization.

(2) The report to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically.

(3) Information received, developed, created, or otherwise maintained by the department in administering and enforcing the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act, other than information required to be included in the report to be submitted by the department to the Governor and Legislature pursuant to this section, may be deemed confidential by the department and not considered public records subject to disclosure pursuant to sections 84-712 to 84-712.09.