Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1120.17

Chapter 81 Section 1120.17


Division of communications; powers and duties.

The division of communications shall have the following duties, powers, and responsibilities:

(1) To coordinate the purchase, lease, and use of communications services equipment and facilities for state government;

(2) To advise departments and agencies of the state and political subdivisions thereof as to systems or methods to be used to meet requirements efficiently and effectively;

(3) To provide assistance as requested by the Nebraska Information Technology Commission to support the technical panel created in section 86-521;

(4) To consolidate and integrate radio communications systems and services of state agencies so far as practical and to provide for their joint use by the agencies;

(5) To consolidate telephone and telephone-related activities, so far as practical, and to provide for their joint use by the agencies;

(6) To assume management responsibility for any consolidated system or service and approve all purchases and contracts for such communications activities;

(7) To enter into agreements for the mutual support and use of communications services of the agencies and departments of state government and its political subdivisions;

(8) To provide for the rendering of mutual aid between state government and its political subdivisions and to cooperate with other states and the federal government with respect to the organizing of communications in expediting the carrying out of mutual aid in disasters, emergencies, and civil defense emergencies under the Emergency Management Act;

(9) To use or acquire communications facilities now owned or operated by any state agency and to compensate such agency when appropriate;

(10) To standardize policies and procedures for the use of such services in such a manner that communications systems in the domain of public safety or security not be compromised;

(11) To assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair of state-owned communications facilities so far as practical;

(12) To coordinate and consolidate maintenance and repair procedures and facilities so far as possible in the light of good business practice and the requirements of the agencies and departments concerned;

(13) Subject to the conditions provided in section 81-1120.19, to contract with qualified suppliers and communications common carriers for communications facilities or services, including private-line services;

(14) To apply for, receive, coordinate, and hold or, if appropriate, assist agencies in applying for, receiving, or holding such authorizations, licenses, and allocations of channels and frequencies as are necessary to carry out the purposes of sections 81-1120.01 to 81-1120.03 and 81-1120.15 to 81-1120.28;

(15) To acquire real estate, equipment, and other property as an agency of the state, subject to the provisions of section 81-1120.19;

(16) To cooperate with the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency as to its needs for emergency communications services; and

(17) To insure that communications facilities are not used for any purpose which is contrary to the policy and intent of sections 81-1120.01 to 81-1120.03 and 81-1120.15 to 81-1120.28 or contrary to the laws and agreements under which the facilities are to be utilized.


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Cross References

  • Emergency Management Act, see section 81-829.36.