Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1118.03

Chapter 81


Personal property; purchase or lease; approval; solicitation by Department of Administrative Services; duties.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all contracts for or leases of personal property shall be subject to the following conditions:

(1) No purchase or lease of property shall be approved until a solicitation for purchase or lease has been made by the Department of Administrative Services. Such solicitation shall be in the form of a public notice of the proposed purchase or lease and a general description of the personal property needed in a paper of general circulation in the area where the agency will be operating or by any other method approved by the materiel administrator;

(2) The Department of Administrative Services shall be the sole and final authority on purchases and leases of personal property by a using agency. In any case when the approval of the Governor is required, the Governor may, in his or her discretion, confer complete authority upon the Department of Administrative Services in the review and approval of purchase and lease proposals;

(3) The Department of Administrative Services shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to (a) develop and implement purchasing and leasing policies and procedures which shall insure economical and efficient operations of state agencies and (b) carry out the provisions of sections 81-145 to 81-162; and

(4) The Director of Administrative Services shall refuse to issue warrants for the disbursement of any funds in payment of contracts or leases which have not been approved according to law.