Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1114.01

Chapter 81 Section 1114.01


Capital construction project; plan required; contents; revisions required; when; to whom submitted.

Each department and agency of the state prior to submitting a capital construction project request in excess of four hundred thousand dollars shall cause to be prepared a comprehensive capital facilities plan. Such plan shall include, but not be limited to, a projection of future programmatic needs, analysis of existing facilities and the utilization of such facilities, and identification of projects to meet those projected programmatic needs, including addition to, or renovation or replacement of, existing space, parking, streets, and utilities. The comprehensive capital facilities plan shall be updated or revised when a major capital construction project requested for funding is not in compliance with such plan or when revisions in projected programmatic needs would significantly affect the comprehensive capital facilities plan. Such plans and any updates or revisions shall be submitted to the state building division and the Legislative Fiscal Analyst. The plans and any updates or revisions submitted to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst shall be submitted electronically. Such plans and revisions or updates shall be prepared in accordance with rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the state building division. The Department of Administrative Services shall adjust the dollar amount in this section every four years beginning January 1, 2002, to account for inflationary and market changes. The adjustment shall be based on percentage changes in a construction cost index and any other published index relevant to operations and utilities costs, as selected by the department.