Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1108.16

Chapter 81


State Building Administrator; review program statements and contracts; file reports; contents; lease; approval of Department of Administrative Services.

(1) The administrator shall review program statements and contracts and file a written report on each program statement and contract reviewed pursuant to the provisions of section 81-1108.41. Such administrator shall file subsequent reviews and reports upon completion of the planning or design phase of the project indicating the compatibility of the project with capital construction plans, probable cost of the project, accepted cost standard, and the relationship of the project to the state comprehensive capital facilities plan and to other agency or departmental capital facilities pursuant to the provisions of section 81-1108.41.

(2) No contract for the leasing of real property shall be awarded without the approval of the Department of Administrative Services, and no such contract shall be awarded if:

(a) There is state-owned property which is adequate or which through cost-effective renovation, as determined by the division, could be made adequate to meet the using agency's needs; or

(b) It has not been arranged through the bidding process provided in rules and regulations adopted by the division. The rules and regulations shall be in accordance with sections 73-101, 81-1108.55, and 81-1108.56 and shall be otherwise consistent with sections 81-145 to 81-162 to the greatest extent possible.

All contracts for purchases or leases shall be open to inspection by the Legislature during normal business hours.


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