Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1107

Chapter 81 Section 1107


Director of Administrative Services; duties, powers, and responsibilities.

The Director of Administrative Services is hereby vested with the duties, powers, and responsibilities involved in:

(1) The preparation of the executive budget and execution of the approved budget except as otherwise provided by law, including a system of periodic allotments for the management and regulation of expenditures and making surveys and studies for the purpose of improving administrative procedures, methods, and organization;

(2) The keeping of general accounts and the adoption and promulgation of appropriate rules, regulations, and administrative orders designed to assure a uniform and effective system of accounts and accounting, the approval of all vouchers, and the preparation and issuance of warrants for all purposes;

(3) The review and approval of financing agreements for the purposes of protecting the credit of the state, insuring the most advantageous terms, providing for proper accounting of financial transactions, complying with the approved budget, and promoting sound financial management.

Financing agreements related to real property acquisitions and capital construction projects within the Nebraska State Capitol Environs District, other than the State Capitol and capitol grounds, may be financed, if determined appropriate by the director, subject to legislative appropriation. Real property acquisitions or capital construction projects within the Nebraska State Capitol Environs District, other than the State Capitol and capitol grounds, shall not proceed without legislative appropriation and shall require the approval of both the Governor and the Executive Board of the Legislative Council.

Financing agreements related to real property acquisition and capital construction (a) for the State Capitol and capitol grounds or (b) outside the Nebraska State Capitol Environs District, shall not be financed without the express approval of the Legislature, and such legislative authorization shall include the maximum financing period for any project to be financed. The approval of such projects shall be through the capital construction budget process and shall be subject to legislative appropriation;

(4) The operation of such storerooms and warehouses as may be necessary;

(5) The allotment of space in state office buildings, other than the State Capitol, to the various departments and agencies according to their needs and the space available;

(6) The supervision of telephone, mailing, messenger, duplicating, data processing, and other like services adaptable to economical and centralized management;

(7) The planning, review, and preparation of a state capital construction budget;

(8) The development, maintenance, and operation of a statewide intergovernmental data services system; and

(9) The provision of assistance as requested by the Nebraska Information Technology Commission.

The director shall adopt a seal. The director may contract with another state agency to furnish centralized mailing, messenger, duplicating, and printing services in the interest of economy and efficiency in government while retaining ultimate direction and control.


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Cross References

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