Nebraska Revised Statute 81-107

Chapter 81


Departments; assistants and employees; appointment; termination; compensation.

The Governor shall, in each department, have the power to appoint such deputies, assistants, employees, and clerical help, as shall be necessary or essential to the economical, efficient and proper enforcement and administration of the laws of the state, and shall at the same time fix the salaries of such appointees and prescribe their duties. The Governor shall also have the power to discontinue the service of the head of any department or any employee when, in his judgment, the same is no longer necessary. Such an appointee may be required to serve in one or more departments and may be transferred from one department to another from time to time as an efficient and economical administration shall require. The Governor shall confer with the heads of the several departments who shall make recommendations to the Governor, from time to time, relative to appointments, services, salaries, and duties of the appointees for their respective departments. In providing for deputies, assistants, employees, or clerical help, the total expenditures for the biennium shall not exceed the appropriation made by the Legislature for such departments.


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  • Possibility of discontinuance of office does not prevent officer from having definite term. State ex rel. Laughlin v. Johnson, 156 Neb. 671, 57 N.W.2d 531 (1953).