Nebraska Revised Statute 80-412

Chapter 80


Graves; Director of Veterans' Affairs; permanent registry.

The Director of Veterans' Affairs shall make and preserve by counties a permanent registry of the graves of all persons who shall have served in the armed forces of the United States and whose mortal remains rest in Nebraska. The county veterans service officer of each county shall be charged with securing the information requested by the Director of Veterans' Affairs of every person having a service record buried in that county and immediately forwarding such information to the office of the director. Such information shall be secured from the undertaker in charge of the burial and shall be transmitted by him or her to the county veterans service officer of the county where burial is made and shall be recorded alphabetically and by description of location in the cemetery where buried, in a book as prescribed by the director and kept for that purpose in the office of the county veterans service officer.


Cross References

  • Veterans cemetery system, authorized, see section 12-1301.
  • Wyuka Cemetery, soldiers' burial ground, see sections 12-104 and 12-105.