Nebraska Revised Statute 80-401.06

Chapter 80


Veterans' Advisory Commission; members; appointment; qualifications.

There is hereby created the Veterans' Advisory Commission, which shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by the Governor. No person shall be eligible to receive appointment as a member unless he or she (1) has been a resident of the State of Nebraska for at least five years immediately prior to his or her appointment, (2) has served in the armed forces of the United States during the dates set forth in section 80-401.01 and was discharged or otherwise separated with a characterization of honorable from such service, and (3) is a member of a recognized veterans organization. Such membership shall be certified to the Governor annually by the department adjutant of the recognized veterans organization. The Governor shall appoint one member of the Veterans' Advisory Commission from each of the three congressional districts in the state as the districts were constituted on January 1, 1962, and the fourth and fifth members shall be selected at large.


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Cross References

  • For qualification of members, see section 80-410.