Nebraska Revised Statute 8-823

Chapter 8


Personal loans; when repayable; exception; confession of judgment, power of attorney, and agreements; prohibited.

The following provisions shall apply to loans made under section 8-820:

(1) With the exception of loans for mobile homes, every such loan shall be repayable within a period of one hundred forty-five months and may be prepaid in whole or in part at any time. One or more of the installments may be accelerated or deferred when the borrower's chief source of income makes such arrangement necessary, if the note or contract so provides;

(2) The bank shall give the borrower a receipt showing the date and amount of each payment made on account of any such loan; and

(3) No bank shall take, in connection with any such loan, any confession of judgment, power of attorney to confess judgment, power of attorney to appear for a borrower in a judicial proceeding, or agreement to pay the costs of collection or the attorney's fees.


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