Nebraska Revised Statute 8-820.01

Chapter 8


Bank credit cards; federal most-favored-lender doctrine; public policy declaration.

It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the State of Nebraska that for purposes of applying the federal most-favored-lender doctrine, the bank credit card rate contained in section 8-820 is not comparable or analogous to the small loan rate found in sections 45-1024 and 45-1025. The Legislature finds that the institutions making small loans and the institutions administering a bank credit card are categorically different. The transactions carried on by these institutions are categorically different. The Legislature finds that small loan borrowers and bank credit card users are not synonymous or comparable. In establishing a small loan rate, the Legislature has recognized a risk factor that is different and greater than other financial transactions and therefor justifies the charging of a higher interest rate than installment loans, personal loans, retail revolving credit plans, or bank credit card interest rates.