Nebraska Revised Statute 8-340.01

Chapter 8


Executive officers and employees; bonding requirements.

Each and every executive officer and such other employees as the Department of Banking and Finance deems necessary of each building and loan association shall execute to such association and to the State of Nebraska, jointly, a corporate surety bond in an amount fixed by the department, said amount to be equal or uniform as to all associations in accordance with their size. In lieu of individual corporate surety bonds, the Director of Banking and Finance may accept a blanket corporate surety bond. All surety bonds shall be conditioned to protect and indemnify the association from any and all pecuniary loss, which the association may sustain, of money or other personal property, including that for which the association is responsible, through or by reason of the fraud, dishonesty, forgery, theft, embezzlement, wrongful abstraction, misapplication, misappropriation, or any other dishonest or criminal act, of or by any of said executive officers or employees of the association. Such bond or bonds shall be filed with and approved by the director, remain a part of the records of the department, and be open to public inspection during the office hours of the department.


  • Laws 1953, c. 13, § 1, p. 79.