Nebraska Revised Statute 8-320.01

Chapter 8


Investments; service corporations.

An association organized under the provisions of Chapter 8, article 3, may purchase, hold, and sell stock in any service corporation organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska whose stock is owned exclusively by building and loan associations whose operations are subject to audit by the Department of Banking and Finance and, if insured, by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and whose activities are restricted to:

(1) The providing of clerical, bookkeeping, accounting, statistical, and data processing services primarily for building and loan associations;

(2) The purchase, development, and conveyance of real estate for the purpose of renovating and rehabilitating substandard housing including enrollment in state and federal programs in connection therewith, and for other lawful purposes;

(3) The servicing, purchasing, selling, and making of loans upon real estate and participating interests therein; and

(4) The investment in corporations whose principal activities are community development, urban renewal and industrial development.


  • Laws 1969, c. 44, § 1, p. 256.