Nebraska Revised Statute 8-3016

Chapter 8


Application for charter; notice; hearing; director; department; powers and duties.

(1) After a substantially complete application for a digital asset depository institution charter or a digital asset depository department charter has been submitted, the director shall notify the applicants in writing within thirty calendar days of any deficiency in the required information or that the application has been accepted for filing. When the director is satisfied that all required information has been furnished, the director shall establish a time and place for a public hearing which shall be conducted not less than sixty days, nor more than one hundred twenty days, after notice from the director to the applicants that the application is in order.

(2) Within thirty days after receipt of notice of the time and place of the public hearing, the department shall cause notice of filing of the application and the hearing to be published at the applicant's expense in a newspaper of general circulation within the county where the proposed digital asset depository is to be located. Publication shall be made at least once a week for three consecutive weeks before the hearing, stating the proposed location of the digital asset depository, the names of the applicants for a charter, the nature of the activities to be conducted by the proposed digital asset depository, and other information required by rule and regulation. The director shall electronically send notice of the hearing to state and national banks, federal savings and loan associations, state and federal credit unions, and other financial institutions in the state, federal agencies, and financial industry trade groups.