Nebraska Revised Statute 8-2104

Chapter 8


Out-of-state bank; powers; interstate merger transaction; notice; powers and duties.

(1) An out-of-state bank may establish and maintain a branch or acquire a branch in this state upon compliance with any applicable requirements of the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act for registration or qualification to do business in this state.

(2) An out-of-state bank may engage in an interstate merger transaction in this state in which it is the resulting bank and establish one or more branches in this state. The out-of-state bank shall notify the department of the proposed interstate merger transaction involving a Nebraska state chartered bank within fifteen days after the date it files an application for an interstate merger transaction with its primary regulator.

(3) An out-of-state bank may conduct only those activities at its branch or branches in this state that are permissible under the laws of Nebraska or of the United States, except that an out-of-state bank with trust powers may exercise all trust powers in this state as a Nebraska bank with trust powers subject to the requirements of section 8-209.

(4) All branches of an out-of-state bank shall comply with all applicable Nebraska laws and regulations in the conduct of their business in this state to the maximum extent authorized by federal law.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act, see section 21-201.