Nebraska Revised Statute 8-195

Chapter 8


Insolvent banks; possession by department; petition to enjoin; show cause order; findings by district court; disposition of case.

Whenever any bank of whose property and business the department has taken possession or whose insolvency has been declared under section 8-194 deems itself aggrieved by such actions, it may, at any time not later than ten days after such declaration of insolvency has been filed with the clerk of the district court of the county in which the main office of the bank is located, petition the district court to enjoin further proceedings. The court, after citing the Director of Banking and Finance to show cause why further proceedings should not be enjoined, hearing the allegations and proofs of the parties, and determining the facts, may, upon proof by the bank, its officers, or its directors that it is solvent, that the business of the bank has been and is being conducted as provided by law, that it is not endangering the interests of its depositors and other creditors, and that the Director of Banking and Finance has acted arbitrarily and abused his or her discretion either by taking possession of the bank or by finding and declaring the bank to be insolvent and ordering its liquidation, set aside such declaration of insolvency and enjoin the director from proceeding further, and direct him or her to surrender the business and property to the bank. On proof that the bank is insolvent and that its stockholders or owners have failed to restore solvency as provided by law, or that the bank is being operated in violation of law, and that the director has acted within his or her powers, the petition shall be dismissed by the court.


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  • In a proceeding by a state bank hereunder, the bank has burden to establish that a declaration of insolvency under section 8-194 was erroneous. Elm Creek State Bank v. Department of Banking, 191 Neb. 584, 216 N.W.2d 883 (1974).