Nebraska Revised Statute 8-183.04

Chapter 8


State or federal savings association; mutual savings association; retention of mutual form authorized.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of the Nebraska Banking Act or any other Nebraska law, a state or federal savings association which was formed and in operation as a mutual savings association as of July 15, 1998, may elect to retain its mutual form of corporate organization upon conversion to a state bank.

(2) All references to shareholders or stockholders for state banks shall be deemed to be references to members for such a converted savings association.

(3) The amount and type of capital required for such a converted savings association shall be as required for federal mutual savings associations in 12 C.F.R. 5.21, as such regulation existed on January 1, 2021, except that if at any time the department determines that the capital of such a converted savings association is impaired, the director may require the members to make up the capital impairment.

(4) The director may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations governing such converted mutual savings associations. In adopting and promulgating such rules and regulations, the director may consider the provisions of sections 8-301 to 8-384 governing savings associations in mutual form of corporate organization.