Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1721.01

Chapter 8


Cause of action under commodity contract authorized; exception; statute of limitations; waiver of compliance with code; void.

(1) Any person who violates section 8-1721 shall be liable to the purchaser who may sue either at law or in equity to recover the consideration paid under the commodity contract, including interest paid under a financing agreement in connection with the purchase, costs, and reasonable attorney's fees, less (a) the amount received upon the disposition of the commodity or (b) the value of the commodity on the date of the entry of judgment.

(2) Every cause of action under this section shall survive the death of any person who might have been a plaintiff or defendant. No person may sue under this section more than three years after the contract of sale. If the cause of action is not discovered and could not be reasonably discovered within the three-year period, then the action may be commenced within two years from the date of the discovery or from the date of discovery of facts which would reasonably lead to the discovery, whichever is earlier. In no event may a person sue under this section more than five years after the contract of sale.

(3) No person who has made or engaged in the performance of any contract in violation of any provision of the Commodity Code or any rule or order under the code or who has acquired any purported right under any such contract with knowledge of the facts by reason of which its making or performance was in violation of the code may base any suit on the contract. Any condition, stipulation, or provision purportedly binding any purchaser to waive compliance with any provision of the code or any rule or order under the code shall be void.