Nebraska Revised Statute 8-130

Chapter 8


Federal reserve system; membership by state banks and trust companies authorized; examinations.

Any bank or trust company, organized under the laws of this state, may subscribe to the capital stock of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri, and become a member of the federal reserve system created and organized under an act of Congress of the United States, approved December 23, 1913, and known as the Federal Reserve Act, and may assume such liabilities and exercise such powers as a member of such system as are prescribed by the provisions of such act, or amendments thereto. So long as such bank or trust company shall remain a member of such system, it shall be subject to examination by the legally constituted authorities, and to all provisions of such Federal Reserve Act and regulations made pursuant thereto by the Federal Reserve Board which are applicable to such bank or trust company as a member of the federal reserve system. The director may, in his or her discretion, accept examinations and audits made under the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act in lieu of examinations required of banks or trust companies organized under the laws of this state.


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