Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1,126

Chapter 8


Emergencies; officers; powers.

Whenever the officers of a financial institution are of the opinion that an emergency exists, or is impending, which affects, or may affect, one or more or all of a financial institution's offices, they shall have the authority, in the reasonable and proper exercise of their discretion, to determine not to open any one or more or all of such offices on any business or banking day or, if having opened, to close any one or more or all of such offices during the continuation of such emergency, even if the director has not issued and does not issue a proclamation of emergency. Any such closed office may remain closed until such time as the officers determine that the emergency has ended, and for such further time thereafter as may reasonably be required to reopen. In no case shall such office remain closed for more than forty-eight consecutive hours, excluding other legal holidays, without requesting the approval of the director pursuant to section 8-1,125.