Nebraska Revised Statute 79-995

Chapter 79


Reemployment; military service; leave of absence; contribution; limitation; effect.

For one year from May 30, 1987, any person who served in the armed forces as specified in subsection (1) of section 79-990 or who was on a leave of absence as specified in subsection (2) of such section, has again become an employee, and has not previously paid into the system for all of the years of military service or leave of absence permitted by such section may elect to pay into the retirement system for the total number of years of service authorized by such section but not previously paid in. The amount to be paid in by the member shall be calculated as provided in such section. Any person who pays such amount shall be given credit for any number of years of service for which he or she has elected to pay, not to exceed the total number of years authorized by such section, and shall be given the same status as though he or she had been a member of the retirement system for such number of years, except as otherwise specifically provided in the Class V School Employees Retirement Act.