Nebraska Revised Statute 79-814.01

Chapter 79


Criminal history record information search; denial of certificate or permit; when; costs; confidentiality.

(1) Upon request by the commissioner, the Nebraska State Patrol shall undertake a search for criminal history record information relating to an applicant for a certificate pursuant to subdivision (1)(c) of section 79-808, including transmittal of the applicant's fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a national criminal history record information check. The criminal history record information check shall include information concerning the applicant from federal repositories of such information and repositories of such information in other states if authorized by federal law. The Nebraska State Patrol shall issue a report to the commissioner that shall include the criminal history record information concerning the applicant.

(2) The commissioner may deny issuance of a certificate or permit to any applicant who has a felony conviction or who has any misdemeanor conviction involving abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct. In reviewing an applicant's criminal history record information, the commissioner shall take into consideration any information, including information submitted by the applicant, regarding (a) the facts and circumstances surrounding a conviction, (b) the type of offense and the sentence imposed, (c) whether the conduct resulting in a conviction would constitute a crime in Nebraska, (d) the date of the offense, (e) the age of the applicant at the time of the offense, and (f) the applicant's conduct and positive social contributions since the offense.

(3) The board shall determine and set the costs for processing criminal history record information checks pursuant to this section and section 79-808 which shall be borne by the applicant for a certificate or permit. The costs shall be limited to the actual direct costs arising from the processing of the criminal history record information checks.

(4) Criminal history record information subject to federal confidentiality requirements shall remain confidential and may be released only upon the written authorization by the applicant, except that if the applicant appeals the denial of a certificate or permit by the commissioner, the filing of an administrative appeal shall constitute a release of the information for the limited purpose of the appeal. If the applicant requests a closed hearing, such request shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Cross References

  • Open Meetings Act, see section 84-1407.