Nebraska Revised Statute 79-804

Chapter 79


Teacher's or administrator's certificate; registration required; failure; effect.

(1) Each teacher or administrator shall register his or her certificate with the public, private, denominational, or parochial school in which the teacher or administrator is employed. The superintendent or administrator of the school shall endorse upon the certificate that it has been registered and the date of registration. Such registration shall be without fee. No employment of a teacher or administrator shall be valid until the certificate is so registered. On or before September 15 of each year, the public, private, denominational, and parochial schools shall file with the State Department of Education a fall personnel report which shall specify the names of all individuals employed by the school who are required by law to hold a certificate and such other information as the Commissioner of Education directs. The superintendent or administrator of the school shall transmit within ten days to the State Department of Education the name of the teacher or administrator to be employed, together with the position to which employed, if the teacher or administrator is employed after the submission of the fall personnel report. The Commissioner of Education shall certify to the school the name of any teacher or administrator who has not been issued a certificate or given evidence of application to the State Department of Education and qualification for a certificate or permit. The teacher or administrator shall not be reimbursed for any services to the school after the date of receipt of notification by the school.

(2) The Commissioner of Education shall notify the county treasurer to withhold all school money belonging to any district employing an uncertificated teacher or administrator until the teacher or administrator has obtained a certificate or has been dismissed by the board employing such teacher or administrator. The county treasurer shall withhold such money.


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  • Before beginning to teach, teacher is required to register teacher's certificate. Johnson v. School Dist. No. 3 of Clay County, 168 Neb. 547, 96 N.W.2d 623 (1959).

  • Recovery was denied where teacher did not hold proper certificate. Kuhl v. School District No. 76 of Wayne County, 155 Neb. 357, 51 N.W.2d 746 (1952).

  • Where teacher's certificate is not registered, contract of employment is invalid. Zevin v. School Dist. No. 11 of City of Cozad, 144 Neb. 100, 12 N.W.2d 634 (1944).