Nebraska Revised Statute 79-802.01

Chapter 79 Section 802.01


American Indian language teacher; requirements.

(1) Teaching American Indian languages is essential to the proper education of American Indian children. School districts and postsecondary educational institutions may employ approved American Indian language teachers to teach their native language. For purposes of this section, approved American Indian language teacher means a teacher who has passed the tribe's written and oral approval test.

(2) Approved American Indian language teachers that do not also have a Nebraska teaching certificate shall not teach any subject other than the American Indian language they are approved to teach by the tribe.

(3) Each tribe shall develop both a written and an oral test that must be successfully completed in order to determine that a teacher is approved to teach the tribe's native language. When developing such approval tests, the tribe shall include, but not be limited to, which dialects will be used, whether it will standardize its writing system, and how the teaching methods will be evaluated in the classroom. The teacher approval tests shall be administered at a community college or state college.