Nebraska Revised Statute 79-729

Chapter 79


High school students; graduation requirements.

The Legislature recognizes the importance of assuring that all persons who graduate from Nebraska high schools possess certain minimum levels of knowledge, skills, and understanding. Each high school student shall complete a minimum of two hundred high school credit hours prior to graduation. At least eighty percent of the minimum credit hours shall be core curriculum courses prescribed by the State Board of Education. For students attending a public school, beginning in school year 2023-24, at least five of the minimum credit hours shall be a high school course in personal finance or financial literacy, and beginning in school year 2026-27, at least five of the minimum credit hours shall be a high school course or the equivalent of a one-semester high school course in computer science and technology. The State Board of Education may establish recommended statewide graduation guidelines. This section does not apply to high school students whose individualized education programs prescribe a different course of instruction. This section does not prohibit the governing board of any high school from prescribing specific graduation guidelines as long as such guidelines do not conflict with this section. For purposes of this section, high school means grades nine through twelve and credit hour shall be defined by appropriate rules and regulations of the State Board of Education but shall not be less than the amount of credit given for successful completion of a course which meets at least one period per week for at least one semester.


Cross References

  • Financial Literacy Act, see section 79-3001.