Nebraska Revised Statute 79-716

Chapter 79 Section 716


Coordination of curriculum; when required; costs.

Every affiliated high school district and every Class VI school district shall undertake efforts to provide for coordination of the curriculum between the elementary school program of instruction of participating Class I school districts and the high school program of instruction of such affiliated high school district or Class VI school district. Notwithstanding reasonable and good faith efforts to provide for coordination of curriculum, each school board of a Class I school district shall retain the final authority to determine matters of curriculum. Any additional costs incurred in providing the coordinated services required by this section shall be included as a cost of the Class VI school district. In the case of an affiliated school system, any additional costs incurred for curriculum coordination pursuant to this section shall be funded through the budget of the high school district. Any additional services required by any affiliated Class I district shall be funded through such Class I district's budget which may include contractual or purchased services.


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