Nebraska Revised Statute 79-589

Chapter 79


Board of education; Class III school district outside of city or village or more than one-half of district within a city of metropolitan class; treasurer; bond or insurance; duties.

In a Class III school district which lies outside of the corporate limits of any city or village or of which more than one-half is geographically within a city of the metropolitan class, the board of education shall elect one of its members, other than the secretary, as treasurer of the school district and the provisions of section 79-590 shall not apply to the selection of a treasurer of such a district. The treasurer shall prepare and submit in writing a monthly report of the state of the finances of the district and pay school money only upon warrants signed by the president of the board or, in the president's absence, by the vice president, and countersigned by the secretary. The treasurer shall give a bond or evidence of equivalent insurance coverage payable to the school district in such sum as may be fixed by the board. Such bond shall be signed by one or more surety companies of recognized responsibility. The cost of such bond or insurance coverage shall be paid by the school district.


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