Nebraska Revised Statute 79-532

Chapter 79


Parental involvement; policy; contents.

The policy required by section 79-531 shall include, but need not be limited to, the following:

(1) How the school district will provide access to parents concerning textbooks, tests, and other curriculum materials used in the school district;

(2) How the school district will handle requests by parents to attend and monitor courses, assemblies, counseling sessions, and other instructional activities;

(3) Under what circumstances parents may ask that their children be excused from testing, classroom instruction, and other school experiences the parents may find objectionable;

(4) How the school district will provide access to records of students;

(5) What the school district's testing policy will be; and

(6) How the school district participates in surveys of students and the right of parents to remove their children from such surveys.


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