Nebraska Revised Statute 79-1319

Chapter 79


Educational telecommunications; operation on noncommercial basis; exceptions; service available to all schools and colleges; costs.

All telecommunications facilities operated or supervised by the Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission shall be operated at all times on a noncommercial basis, except that revenue may be generated from other nonprofit or commercial sources through contractual arrangements involving excess transmission spectrum or transmission and production facilities. All contractual arrangements shall be based on sound business principles that are made in the best interest of the State of Nebraska. The commission may also enter into partnerships with public or private entities for the purpose of jointly building and operating tower and other transmission structures. All telecommunications facilities operated or supervised by the commission shall not produce or be involved in the production of commercials and shall not be involved in the distribution or retransmission of national commercial and subscription television channels.

Operational and administrative service pertinent to the production and utilization of educational telecommunications services shall be made available to all schools and colleges of Nebraska on the basis of the actual cost of production exclusive of general overhead expense.