Nebraska Revised Statute 79-1157

Chapter 79


Special education programs; review; evaluation.

All special education programs shall be reviewed by the department.

To determine the effectiveness of the programs and services being provided, the department shall conduct a program of continuing evaluations of the different types of programs and services being provided for each of the service groups. In conducting these evaluations, the department shall take into account such factors as numbers and types of children with disabilities, class sizes, qualifications of staff, and other factors which the department deems appropriate. The department shall conduct evaluations of all programs and services and shall conduct these evaluations in such a manner as to enable the department to compare the relative effectiveness of the same or similar programs or services provided in different locations.

Evaluation studies shall be designed to provide the Legislature, the department, the school districts, and other service agencies with the following information:

(1) A detailed description of groups served;

(2) A detailed description of the kind of programs or services provided and their cost per unit of service as well as the cost of each service; and

(3) A detailed description of the effectiveness of the programs or services.