Nebraska Revised Statute 79-1093

Chapter 79 Section 1093


Class III, IV, or V school district; machine accounting and payroll processing; disbursing of funds; board of education; contract.

(1) The board of education of a Class III, IV, or V school district may contract for (a) machine accounting and payroll processing services, (b) disbursing school funds as ordered by the board of education, (c) paying net salaries or wages earned by professional and other personnel employed by the board of education, (d) remitting to appropriate collection agencies sums withheld from salaries and wages, and (e) any other computerized service which the board of education deems necessary or desirable. Payment of salaries and wages as provided in this section shall be made to the employee in bank credit or cash, as the employee may specify.

(2) The bank or fiscal agent under contract as provided in this section shall furnish to the board of education a report at the end of each month detailing (a) the sums received for deposit in the school district account, (b) the amount disbursed to payees as designated by the secretary or authorized clerk of the board of education, and (c) the unexpended balance in the school district account. This section does not modify, limit, waive, or abrogate the responsibility and the liability of the contracting board of education for the security and safe custody of school funds as required by law or for their proper use and application to school district indebtedness as provided by law.


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