Nebraska Revised Statute 79-1067

Chapter 79 Section 1067


School districts; entity constructing electric generating facility; payments authorized; amount.

If either parent of a student attending public schools in any school district is employed in the construction of an electric generating facility, as determined by the school district within one hundred fifty days after commencement of the school year, the public power district, public power and irrigation district, municipality, electric cooperative, electric membership corporation, or other entity constructing and owning such facility may pay to any such impacted school district, upon written request with certified supporting information from such school district, an amount which shall not exceed the amount derived by (1) taking the total receipts of such school district from the local property tax levy for the preceding school fiscal year, less one-half of any amount included therein which is provided for the payment of servicing bonded indebtedness on any school facility, plus depreciation at the annual rate of three percent on any school facility, (2) dividing the total thereof by the average daily membership of resident students in such school district for the preceding school fiscal year, and (3) multiplying the resulting quotient by the number of children of such employees attending such school district in the current school fiscal year.


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