Nebraska Revised Statute 76-812

Chapter 76


Disposition of property; vote of co-owners required; effect.

Unless otherwise provided in the master deed or bylaws, the co-owners may, by affirmative vote of at least three-fourths, elect to sell or otherwise dispose of the property, or to waive the condominium property regime; Provided, that the individual apartments are unencumbered, or if encumbered, that the creditors in whose behalf the encumbrances are recorded agree to accept as security the undivided portions of the property owned by the debtors. Upon waiver of the regime, the co-owners shall own the property as tenants in common in accordance with their interests as determined by section 76-806.

Any such action shall be binding upon all co-owners and it shall thereupon be the duty of every co-owner to execute and deliver such instruments and to perform all acts as may be necessary.


  • Laws 1963, c. 429, § 12, p. 1441.