Nebraska Revised Statute 76-713

Chapter 76 Section 713


Condemnation award; recording; effect.

The register of deeds shall record and index the certified copy of the condemnation award in the same manner as is provided for the recording of deeds in this state. The county clerk shall file a copy of the same when only personal property is concerned in the same manner as is provided for the filing of chattel mortgages. Such recording and filing shall have like force and effect as the recording of deeds or filing of chattel mortgages.


  • Laws 1951, c. 101, § 13, p. 455.


  • Where eminent domain proceeding was pending in which question of abandonment and its effect could be determined, action for declaratory judgment on claimed abandonment should have been dismissed. Zarybnicky v. County of Gage, 196 Neb. 210, 241 N.W.2d 834 (1976).