Nebraska Revised Statute 76-3303

Chapter 76 Section 3303


Purpose of act; legislative intent.

(1) The purpose of the Oil Pipeline Reclamation Act is to ensure that a pipeline carrier which owns, constructs, operates, or manages a pipeline through this state for the transportation of oil is financially responsible for reclamation costs relating to the construction, operation, and management of the pipeline in this state as prescribed in the act.

(2) It is the intent of the Legislature that proper reclamation is accomplished as part of the oil pipeline construction process, including restoration of areas through which a pipeline is constructed as close as reasonably practicable to the condition, contour, and vegetation that existed prior to construction, including stabilizing disturbed areas, establishing a diverse plant environment of native grasses and forbs to create a safe and stable landscape, restoring active cropland to its previous productive capability, mitigating noxious weeds, and managing invasive plants, unless otherwise agreed to by the landowner.