Nebraska Revised Statute 76-3207

Chapter 76 Section 3207


Applicant for registration; fingerprint submission; criminal history record check; costs.

(1) An appraisal management company applying for registration in this state shall not:

(a) In whole or in part, directly or indirectly, be owned by any person who has had an appraiser license or certificate in this state or in any other state refused, denied, canceled, surrendered in lieu of revocation, or revoked; and

(b) Be more than ten percent owned by a person who is not of good moral character, which for purposes of this section shall require that such person has not been convicted of, or entered a plea of nolo contendere to, a felony relating to the appraisal practice or any crime involving fraud, misrepresentation, or moral turpitude.

(2) For purposes of subdivision (1)(b) of this section, each individual owner of more than ten percent of an appraisal management company shall, at the time an application for registration as an appraisal management company is made, submit two copies of legible ink-rolled fingerprint cards or equivalent electronic fingerprint submissions to the board for delivery to the Nebraska State Patrol in a form approved by both the Nebraska State Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The board shall pay the Nebraska State Patrol the costs associated with conducting a fingerprint-based national criminal history record check through the Nebraska State Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation with such record check to be carried out by the board.