Nebraska Revised Statute 76-306

Chapter 76 Section 306


Decree of eviction; judgment for amount due claimant.

If no objections are made to the appraisement, or if made and overruled, the court shall proceed without pleadings to ascertain the amount of taxes paid by the occupant or claimant, with interest as hereinbefore provided for. If the appraisement reported to the court shall show a sum in favor of the occupant or claimant against whom such decree or judgment is rendered, the amount of taxes and interest ascertained by the court shall be added thereto, and decree entered therein in favor of such unsuccessful occupant or claimant against the said person proving a better title. Such decree shall constitute and be a lien upon such real estate, but in case the appraisement shall show a balance due the person proving a better title, the amount of such balance shall be deducted from the amount found due the occupant or unsuccessful claimant for taxes and interest, and decree be entered for the difference in favor of such occupant or claimant. If upon the whole finding there shall appear a balance due the successful claimant, judgment shall be rendered in his favor therefor.


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