Nebraska Revised Statute 76-302

Chapter 76


Occupant or claimant, defined; taxes paid, how proved.

Any person in possession of or claiming any real estate under a certificate of entry or under the homestead or preemption laws of the United States, as well as the persons enumerated in section 76-301, shall be considered as having sufficient title to demand the value of improvements, and to demand the amount of all taxes and assessments paid by such claimant or those under whom he claims, under the provisions of such section. The tax certificates and the tax receipts of the county treasurer, for the purposes of this section and section 76-301, shall be conclusive evidence of the assessments, levy and payment of the taxes on such real estate, for the purpose of ascertaining the amount of the taxes paid by such occupant or claimant.


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  • Claimant, holding under tax deed, is entitled to compensation. Bresee v. Parsons, 87 Neb. 327, 127 N.W. 123 (1910); Page v. Davis, 26 Neb. 670, 42 N.W. 875 (1889).

  • Provision protects homestead and preemption claimants. Wells v. Cox, 84 Neb. 26, 120 N.W. 433 (1909).