Nebraska Revised Statute 76-282

Chapter 76


Public lands; entry by purchaser at sale by county court; rights under patent issued to original claimant.

Whenever any person referred to in the third section of the Act of Congress entitled "An act to provide for the location of certain confirmed land claims in the State of Missouri, and for other purposes," approved June 21, 1828 (11 Statutes at Large, 294 and 295), has had a private land claim which has not been located and satisfied, has died before making the entry therein authorized of public land, and his right so to do has been sold by order of the county court of the county and state of his residence, and the entry of public lands in this state has been made by the purchaser or his grantee, and letters patent of the United States have issued to the original claimant or his legal representatives, it shall be competent for the purchaser or his grantee to cause to be recorded in the book of deeds in the office of the county clerk of the county in which the land is situated, a copy of the proceedings of the county court upon which the right of the original claimant was sold as aforesaid, together with the proceedings of the several officers on such sale. Such copy shall be duly certified by said court, and the record so made in the county clerk's office shall be taken and held by all courts of this state as evidence of the transfer of the right to make such entry in the land office, and of the title of the purchaser and his grantees to the lands patented as aforesaid. A copy of the record in the county clerk's office, certified by that officer, may be read in evidence with the like force and effect as the original papers.


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  • One cannot invoke section unless he has complied with provisions thereof. Comstock v. Kerwin, 57 Neb. 1, 77 N.W. 387 (1898).