Nebraska Revised Statute 76-2702

Chapter 76


Legislative findings and intent.

The Legislature hereby finds, determines, and declares that home ownership and the accumulation of equity in one's home provide significant social and economic benefits to the state and its citizens. Unfortunately, too many homeowners in financial distress, especially the poor, elderly, and financially unsophisticated, are vulnerable to a variety of deceptive or unconscionable business practices designed to dispossess them or otherwise strip the equity from their homes. There is a compelling need to curtail and prevent the most deceptive and unconscionable of these business practices, provide each homeowner with information necessary to make an informed and intelligent decision regarding transactions with certain foreclosure consultants and equity purchasers, provide certain minimum requirements for contracts between such parties, including statutory rights to cancel such contracts, and ensure and foster fair dealing in the sale and purchase of homes in foreclosure. Therefor, it is the intent of the Legislature that all violations of the Nebraska Foreclosure Protection Act have a significant public impact and that the terms of the act be liberally construed to achieve these purposes.