Nebraska Revised Statute 76-208

Chapter 76


Covenants for title; who may enforce.

Unless such intention is expressly negatived by the language in the instrument, all covenants for title in conveyances of real property, including covenants of seisin, right to convey, freedom from encumbrances, quiet enjoyment, and warranty, when made with the grantee, run with the land and are enforceable by any assignee thereof, immediate or remote, by a suit in his own name; Provided, however, that the ultimate damage occasioned by a breach of the covenant on which suit is brought has not occurred prior to the assignment to such assignee. It shall not be a defense to the covenantor when sued by an assignee that the covenantor was a stranger to title to the whole or a part of the land the covenantor purported to convey.


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  • R.S.1943, § 76-208.


  • A lessee of real estate under a written lease for twenty-five years, notice of which is recorded, is an assignee and may enforce covenants involving possessory rights contained in a prior conveyance of the real estate to his lessor. Grand Island Hotel Corp. v. Second Island Development Co., 191 Neb. 98, 214 N.W.2d 253 (1974).