Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1910

Chapter 76 Section 1910


Filing of petition; effect; petitioner's rights.

(1) The filing of a petition as provided in section 76-1906 shall not delay or preclude the holder of a mortgage, trust deed, or judgment lien, referred to in such section, from causing a sale as otherwise permitted by law of that portion of the protected real estate exclusive of the redemptive homestead described in the petition.

(2) Upon (a) payment of the market value of the redemptive homestead as provided in subsection (1) of section 76-1909 or (b) confirmation of a requested redemption on the basis of the petitioner's equity in the protected real estate pursuant to subsection (2) of section 76-1909, the petitioner shall be entitled to retain his or her interest in the redemptive homestead free of the lien of the mortgage or trust deed or the judgment lien, against which the petition for redemption was filed, and free of any other lien held therein by any party to the action.